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Gaster Sans by brightpaw8
Gaster Sans
Sorry I haven't been overly active!

This is my attempt at Gaster Sans. Hope you like!
I do not own G!Sans, only the artwork.
Undyne the Undying by brightpaw8
Undyne the Undying
I was chatting with a friend and she asked if I had ever drawn Undyne, seeing as I have drawn others, and I gave it a shot. Enjoy!
I do not own Undertale or Undyne
Underfell Sans by brightpaw8
Underfell Sans
I was trying to think of what to draw and after looking through google, I decided to draw Underfell Sans. Enjoy!
I do not own Underfell!Sans, only the art
Grillby by brightpaw8
Second character for my Undertale splurge. Hope it looks alright!
I do not own Grillby or Undertale, only the art.
Genocide Sans by brightpaw8
Genocide Sans
I'm gonna be drawing each of the main guys! And if you have any requests tell me!

This is my version of the Sans you get on the genocide run. Enjoy!
I do not own Sans or Undertale just the art.
Okay so before I put this story, i want to clarify: I am NOT under the influence of anything. It is a story we wrote in English today that cracks me up. Enjoy the work of four students trying to create a story. And if you see this, you know who you are.
Barren. Cold. Dark. The snow blasted onto the steep mountain hills. The jabbed rocks glittered with the powdered snow, some tumbling down into the dreary valleys. Clouds blotted the moon and stars, raining cold snow onto the mountains.
(Boy 1)
Brad is on top of the cold dark mountain. He is a very quiet humble person. He has blue eyes with a long beard and likes to be alone.
(Boy 2)
Brad knows a guy, Joe. Joe is just real mean. He really hates for some reason he can't remember because it happen like 20 years ago. He kept thinking about pushing Brad off the mountain. All he had to do was find him.
(My close friend infront of me)
Joe stared at Brad as he became closer to the edge of the jagged mountain with every step. Joe fell down the mountain.
Joe screamed like a little girl but was caught by Brad a second before he fell. They looked at each otgrt as Joe's scream caused an avalanche. Tumbling doown and landing on rocks, bleeding out, Joe and Brad resolved their hate for each other and became the close brothers they used to be before Brad stole Joe's girlfriend, Sarah.
(Boy 1)
They hike down this mountain together as friends now. They talk about all the bad stuff they have done to each other and apologize. Joe and Brad are best friends until Joe dies of old age 30 years later.


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Honestly don't know what to put. Just ask me some shit and I'll answer.

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